S/S 24

24SS << Limited and boundless >>

The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless. —Jean-Jacques Rousseau

藝術家的視野點 跨越時空與此刻    低聲悄語 

光影攪拌著時間流動 向前 往後       當時間只是相對的存在 

現實與幻想交織 思絡不再依循軌跡而行 讓美亦自由地 灑落覆蓋 

Creative Direction / Designer - Cherng-Hann Lee

Photo - YEN Photography

Art/Graphic Design - YEN Photography

Makeup hair stylist - Yuwei Liu Model - Vanessa / Ray CATWALK

Brand Manager - Cathy Wang

Brand Assistant - Rita Chen / Zoey Pan / Yunfan Huang

Makeup hair Assistant - Ester Tseng