A/W19 Collection  - Remember-

本季深受墨西哥傳統節日亡靈節 (Día de Muertos) 及電影《可可夜總會》 而為啟發 。亡靈節在墨西哥是屬於思念與歡樂交織的日子,親友們搭起了繽紛的祭壇,擺放著華麗的骷髏糖果與食物,並將花瓣鋪撒各處,在充滿斑斕色彩的節慶氣息中,表達著對生命的熱愛與思念。 有別於秋冬款式常見的深色系列,本季取用橘,紅,黃的色彩元素,讓鮮豔飽滿的色調來為秋冬添加活潑的氣氛。 印花圖案上使用了彼岸花的解構形象,彼岸花的花語亦有期待再相逢的意思,與亡靈節的精神呼應著。


This season is inspired by the movie Coco as well as the traditional Mexican holiday Día de Muertos, a day intertwining death and merriness. Family and friends set up colorful shrines with skeleton-shaped candy and the cuisine the deceased like, scatter petals here and there, and express their missing for the dead and the passion for life in the glamorous festive atmosphere.

The collection this season adopts the colors of Día de Muertos, orange, red and yellow, to express the passion for life and the treasure for family and friends. Compared with the dark color commonly used in autumn and winter collection, we add some lively touches to our autumn and winter collection with rich and light color tones.

Mahayana, whose deconstructed image is used in our printing, carries the imagery of not only departure but also reunion, which epitomizes the spirit of Día de Muertos.

The design this season combines the retro tones with Mexican styling in a low-profile and deconstructed way, accentuating styling as well as the agility in wearing. In addition to the classic signature shirts, we also provide more options with more new items. 

Creative Direction - Cherng-Hann Lee
Photo - 拾歲影像 / 楊元慶
Art/Graphic Design - 拾歲影像 / Chia-Jui Chang
Make up & Hair- mien pro make-up & styling/彩妝/造型
Model - 黃丰 / Joanne 久安
Brand Manger - Cathy Wang
Especially Thanks - le treat wedding 早到幸福婚紗造型工作室 Ann Tsai / Inin Lin / 幻猻家珈琲 Pallas Café