18A/W  Bixi  贔屭

Bixi, one of the nine sons of the dragon from the Chinese mythology. He is depicted as a dragon with the shell of a turtle. Stone sculptures of Bixi have been used in Chinese culture for centuries as a decorative plinth steles and tablets. This collection is inspired by Bi-Xi's characteristic. It creates stable and strong silhouette to express the leader's qualities.

贔屭 龍生九子中排行老大。 龍首龜甲,好負重,廟宇中多用為石柱的基石裝飾。 此系列想傳達穩定且霸氣,好似家族中的頭領,沉著穩重的基石,帶領家族前進。此系列以極簡及禪意的剪裁線條,傳達俐落沉穩的風格,並將故事靈感發想創作贔屭圖騰,以表達其穩定與霸氣,就好似家中的頭領,宛若沉著穩重的基石,帶領家族前進。